GlobalLogic to withdraw from Mobile World Congress 2020

Due to heightened risk of the coronavirus, GlobalLogic has decided to withdraw from MWC 2020 in Barcelona. While we regret this decision, we believe it is in the best interest of our employees and partners. We hope to participate fully in 2021.

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GlobaLogic is a digital product engineering company that collaborates with top-tier telecom and mobility-enabled companies like Ericsson, Nokia, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cochlear, and more to develop digital solutions that connect, analyze, and delight end users — from big data platforms to smart home solutions. 

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Request a personal demonstration of how GlobalLogic is leveraging digital technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and analytics to help NEPs, CSPs, ISPs, and automotive and healthcare businesses develop products that are more efficient, connected, and insightful.

  • Connected Cities

    Elevate smart cities through 5G and edge computing
    Enhance public safety and transportation solutions
    Delight users with excellent Wi-Fi Quality of Experience
  • Connected Care

    Accelerate decision-making through 5G-enabled emergency response solutions
    Engage and empower patients with anywhere, anytime healthcare solutions

Saving Lives Through Mobile

The time between leaving an emergency scene and arriving at a hospital can be critical to a patient. GlobalLogic's Ambulance Assistant prototype enables emergency responders to communicate with hospital staff in real-time while in the ambulance. This fast, secure, reliable solution provides EMTs with life-saving guidance, while giving hospital staff time to prepare for the patient's arrival. Come see a simulation in our South Village Executive Meeting Rooms!